About Us
Why Rescue Electronics??

We first started Rescue Electronics Surplus in 2000 after seeing how much usable test
equipment, radio equipment, semi-precious metals and other electronics was just being
thrown away - equipment that perhaps needed minor repairs or had some cosmetic
problems,  but by no means had ceased being useful.

If a piece of equipment is beyond repair, it could be salvaged for the rare parts inside and
perhaps help another similar instrument continue to function.  If all else fails, it could be
disassembled to its basic metals and recycled as scrap.

Since our inception, we have recycled in excess of the following:

  • 3700 lbs of Aluminum
  • 52 lbs of Stainless Steel
  • 425 lbs of copper
  • 350 lbs gold bearing circuit boards and IC's
  • 6000 lbs of scrap iron from chassis
Rescue Electronics Surplus
About Us