WWVB Ferrite Loop Antenna
WWVB 60 KHz Low Noise Ferrite Antenna
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The WWVB 60 kHz Low Noise Ferrite Loop Antenna is 24 " long and housed inside of the white weatherproof  PVC pipe.
Coaxial cable losses are so minute at 60 KHz, that the preamp if needed  can be located inside away from the elements, close to the power supply, with easy access
should it ever need replacing.

When needed, I chose the ARR  Advanced Receiver Research preamp to be supplied with my antennas, because of it's reliability, and ability to handle strong signal
The preamplifier will require an 11 volt to 14 volt power supply at 40 milliamp of current.
Here  in Connecticut some 2000 miles distant Boulder Colorado and the WWVB transmitter I can reliably hear the 60 kHz transmitter with just the antenna, not using
the preamp.

Listen to the audio of the antenna in use here.

There is a DC blocking capacitor in the output of the Antenna so it will not interfere with any power being supplied by your receiver.
I have sold over 60 of these antennas to folks using Spectracom, Stanford Research and several other brands of WWVB receiver. They are in homes and many labs
throughout the USA and the world.

Here are just a couple of comments  I saved :

Hi Paul..
I received the WWVB antenna yesterday and got it into operation this afternoon. Performance is outstanding....  Thanks very much. G. S

I plugged the antenna into my RX the other day and it worked really really well!  Locked to WWVB in just a few seconds, and I had time display in a minute or so.  
Fantastic :)  R. R

I can also build these antennas for other time standard frequencies.  Any questions please let me know.

Thank you


feet of RG-58/U, no preamp was used.  The recording was made at noontime, on August  8 2009 at my home in Northwest Connecticut.
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