Designed and Manufactured by
Paul A. Cianciolo  W1VLF
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144-175LP-6    $159.00 plus $12.00 shipping
6 Element  144MHz to 175MHz  Heavy Duty Log-Periodic antenna
Here is a very heavy duty log periodic beam antenna for the radio enthusiast.
Although primarily designed as a receiving antenna, it can be used on transmit as well.

8DBi gain across the entire VHF High band.

Antenna Input Impedance 50-75 Ohms

Front to Back Ratio  25 to 30 DB across the band.

These values were verified using both computer aided modeling and real world measurements made at my

SWR,  is 1.5 to 1 across 144 MHz to 175 MHz

Physical Specifications:

Antenna Weight 3.5 Lbs

Wind survival  80 MPH ++

Boom Length is 3' 6"

Boom Material is 2 of  1" square .050" wall 6063 aluminum in parallel

Elements are made from solid .25" 6061-T6  high strength aluminum  

Longest element 42"

Shortest Element  26."

Elements are bolted to the boom with stainless steel Nylock nuts to prevent them from ever loosening up.

Mounting bracket is fitted for a 1.5" diameter mast.

Stainless Saddle Clamps included

The antenna can also be flush mounted using the mounting flange.  

See the pictures below


My first impression of the antenna was how well it was constructed. Due to the inexpensive price, I was skeptical about the quality I would receive.
I was pleasantly surprised. The antenna was very easy to assemble, it took about 15 minutes.

We are using the antenna to receive NOAA weather radio for our TV station. We have a digital sub-channel that displays our weather radar 24/7 with NOAA audio.

We were using a quarter wave whip antenna on the receiver, and weren’t happy with the reliability. With the beam antenna installed, we now have a -63dBm received signal level. The NOAA
audio is now very clean.
Thanks for a great antenna.

Jeff Tucker
Chief Engineer
Terre Haute, IN
Scanner Beams